Is Scalp Paresthesias And Hair Loss Related?

Scalp paresthesias is medical terminology for tingling. Everything associated with the medical profession seems to stem from the Latin root meaning of a disease. In this case it is tingling of the head. The big question everyone is asking is if you do encounter these symptoms does this mean you will be losing your hair?

That supposition will be discussed in this article as well as some other causes that scalp paresthesias can actually mean. Hair loss can follow tingling sensations in your head but the following causes can also evolve into scalp paresthesias.

I will go directly into some of the root causes that scalp paresthesias can pertain too.

Diabetes. This is one of the most silent diseases that are affecting millions of Americans each and every year. Basically diabetes happens because of your body unable to cope with the amount of sugar that you take into your body on a daily basis. Most people take in far too much sugar for your body to handle and digest. Because of this over consumption a lot of people end up with a type 2 diabetes symptom which does not require insulin to maintain your sugar level.

So in this particular instance a best bet would be to get a blood test drawn to see if you have any possible connection to diabetes issues.

Alcoholism…This is another disease that has been around our society for a long time. Usually symptoms of this type disease is liver related but scalp paresthesias can certainly be one of them as well. But going back to the matter of identifying alcoholism defining whether or not the need for alcohol becomes a dominant thought is certainly one for issue. If alcohol is needed and not wanted in situations in order to get through the day or to calm the nerves may certainly be the culprit in scalp paresthesias. If it is determined that alcohol is a significant factor then there are a lot of forums and help groups all around the country to help people afflicted with this disease.

Multiple Sclerosis…This disease is fore fronted by the scalp paresthesias flavors of itching, numbness, and tingling. Multiple sclerosis is a nerve or spinal cord affliction that can attack random parts of your body. One of those parts is your head and can cause the hair loss.

People afflicted with multiple sclerosis can be affected from minor inconveniences to complete paralysis. This disease is still under quite a lot of research and there are dedicated researchers still trying to find a cure and to relieve the millions of people that have it.

So to answer the question on whether or not scalp paresthesias and hair loss are related depends if you can eliminate some of the causes that was mentioned in this article. Hair loss occurs for many different reasons but you must make sure that you are leading a somewhat healthy lifestyle to eliminate other issues which may be hiding in identifying the root cause of your hair loss.