Scalar Wave Healing Brings Relief in Various Ailments

People also suffer from gangrene in which their foot gets discolored, the skin starts peeling off and sometimes it gets infected. If not treated on time, it may lead to amputation of the foot or death in severe cases. This is a condition that requires immediate treatment.

Gangrene is basically caused when the circulation of blood reduces or stops. The reason behind this condition is blood cells clumping that results in the slow flow of blood in the extremities. The problem can be alleviated only when the flow of blood is increased, but this is easier said than done.

In such extreme cases, Scalar Wave healing has proven to be quite helpful. Almost a hundred years ago, Nicola Tesla, a famous inventor experimented with this healing style, but its practical application came into existence after a lot of research and development. The results of scalar energy are stunning. It occurs when similar waves are superimposed at 180 degree difference in phase. The energy as a result of this process is more like a field instead of a wave. This field has proven to have a lot of impact on the body.

The reason behind gangrene is a blockage in circulation and any therapy that helps in increasing circulation can bring about a remarkable change in the problem. Several studies have been conducted to show that the scalar energy healing method helped in unclumping of blood cells that were clumped together. This resulted in increased circulation, which will bring blood that is rich in oxygen to the affected areas thereby helping in healing.

Chakra healing is another therapy, which has proved to be quite beneficial in providing healing in case of various ailments. Leaving a significant imprint on anything that is exposed, scalar energy offers a static waveform which is unique in itself. It has been confirmed through several studies that objects like pendants and bracelets which comes embedded with waves of scalar energy offers impressive healing benefits.

For gangrene treatment, chakra healing also proves to be advantageous. A powerful treatment is required for treating this condition as it can soon go downhill if not treated immediately. Bio field therapeutics can help a great deal in treating this problem. The aura gets affected with scalar energy in a highly objective manner using various physical objects generating or carrying energy rather than using energy generated by a human practitioner. When this energy is used on the human body, the bio field that radiates from outside the body and the one that works internally permeating body tissues is improved radically with the scalar wave.

Several studies conducted in this field have proven to be quite advantageous and beneficial in the treatment of various ailments. It can also address serious ailments like gangrene. It has also helped in treating complicated ailments. Thus, use of alternative therapies like scalar energy healing is being used increasingly.

What Are The CCSVI Symptoms?

Those who have a history of Multiple Sclerosis or CCSVI in the family might wonder what kind of symptoms to look out for when avoiding the disease themselves. It is important to understand how these two conditions are linked and how they might affect you if you are a victim of either or both of them.

While not everyone who has CCSVI has Multiple Sclerosis, everyone who has Multiple Sclerosis has CCSVI. This is because CCSVI is characterized by veins that are not sufficiently able to carry blood back from the brain and the central nervous system to the heart. CCSVI is known to some as the cause of Multiple Sclerosis. However, it is hard to say whether it is the Multiple Sclerosis that causes the blockages of the veins, or vice-versa.

This is because the veins that are affected with CCSVI might soon be surrounded by lesions, which are what affect the neurons in the central nervous system. When the blood is not able to drain from the central nervous system back tot he heart, it could reflux back into the brain. As a result, the neurons are affected, and the myelin sheath is damaged. When the myelin sheath is damaged, the brain is no longer able to properly process messages to the rest of the body. Pulses of information can be slowed down, causing the motor functions of the human being to be negatively affected. A person who is affected by CCSVI can use medications to reverse these symptoms, and can even look into a procedure called “Liberation Treatment” to greatly improve their condition.

When a person has CCSVI, they might have no symptoms at all, or they might experience some minor symptoms such as muscle spasms or erectile dysfunction. Others still will have problems with their eyesight, or might experience urinary or bowel incontinence. Some might feel weakness in one or more of the limbs. If you or a loved one experiences one or more of these symptoms, there is a good chance that it could have any number of causes. Conditions that affect that central nervous system, such as CCSVI, can cause many symptoms that can be associated with many other diseases.

Those who experience symptoms of CCSVI should contact a doctor about tests such as Duplex Ultrasonography, Magnetic Resonance Venography, CT Venography, or Catheter Venography. A medical practitioner will be able to show you if there are any blockages or narrowing of the cardiovascular passages in the central nervous system, the major CCSVI symptom.

Multiple Sclerosis And Leaky Gut Syndrome

What causes MS? Medical science has not yet determined the underlying cause of multiple sclerosis. Nevertheless, most researchers and health care professionals agree that MS is an autoimmune disease in which aggressive cells of the immune system cross the blood-brain barrier, enter the CSF (cerebrospinal fluid), and attack the fatty sheath that insulates nerve cells (the myelin sheath). Damage to this insulation is what causes the symptoms of MS, but what causes the autoimmunity in the first place remains something of a mystery.

However, many health care professionals believe that a condition called leaky gut syndrome leads to autoimmunity and can thereby be the cause of autoimmune disorders such as food sensitivities, food allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.

How does this occur?

To answer this question, let us consider what happens when you have leaky gut syndrome.

In this stealth disorder (sometimes called “hyperpermeability”), the lining of the intestine becomes damaged and allows bacteria, undigested food particles, and other material into your blood stream. Since this material is not normally in your blood, your immune system attempts to fight it off as an invader. Some of the proteins that leak through into your blood resemble those that make up the myelin sheaths surrounding your nerve cells, and this causes your immune system to “mistake” your own myelin as a foreign substance. This autoimmunity can then damage your myelin and cause the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

If it is true that autoimmunity induced by LGS can be an underlying cause of MS, we can use that information to provide relief to sufferers. There are natural treatments that will heal the intestinal lining and thereby prevent the material that causes the autoimmunity from entering your blood stream in the first place. You can see where that can help mitigate MS-related difficulties.

Simply making the correct changes in what you eat is the most important of these natural treatments. You can begin with an elimination diet, which will allow you to identify and avoid foods that you are sensitive to. This will give your intestinal lining a chance to become less inflamed and irritated, and hence to heal, which will block the source of the autoimmunity. Over time this can relieve the symptoms of MS.

Unfortunately, many people are naturally vulnerable to developing leaky gut syndrome. Many factors can contribute to its development, such as the consumption of alcohol, taking NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen, infections with parasites or Candida, and food allergies. If you are a sensitive person, any or all of these can irritate and inflame your intestinal lining and cause it to leak, leading to the symptoms of leaky gut and possibly even Multiple Sclerosis.

Although an elimination diet will help you determine which foods are safe and healthy for you to eat, you can identify full-blown food allergies (which can also cause LGS and further autoimmune problems) with a visit to an allergist, who will likely conduct an ELISA or similar test. Since both leaky gut and MS respond well when you reduce chronic inflammation, eliminating the inflammation associated with food allergies is an excellent tool to add to your feel-better kit.

In short, many believe that leaky gut syndrome causes autoimmunity, which can lead to Multiple Sclerosis. Fortunately, LGS can be healed naturally and responds well to certain dietary changes. This means that if you suffer from MS, you can begin to treat the underlying cause of your disease naturally and with something as simple as judicious changes in what you eat.

Is Multiple Sclerosis Curable or Preventable?

Multiple sclerosis is interesting to me because I have known several people – friends – who have been afflicted with the disease. I had hoped that research in the subject would reveal to me that progress was being toward finding a cure. Unfortunately, that is only partially true. The Mayo Clinic website that I visited lists MS as an incurable disease, though there are now medicines that will delay its progress.

That is very important because, through watching my friends with it, it is clear that it is a progressive disease and, from all accounts, irreversible. These observations were confirmed by my research. The Mayo website states: “There’s no cure for multiple sclerosis. However, treatments can help modify and slow the course of the disease and treat symptoms.”

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease with the following symptoms: numbness of limbs, loss of vision – especially in one eye – sometimes with pain in the eye, tingling or pain in parts of the body, tremors, lack of coordination, difficulty walking, fatigue and dizziness.

These symptoms result, according to the Mayo Clinic report, when “the body’s immune system attacks its own tissue….this process destroys myelin – the fatty substance that coats and protects the nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord. When myelin is damaged, the messages that travel along that nerve may be slowed or blocked”.

The disease has been inflicted on between 250 thousand and 350 thousand Americans, according to the report. Most people are diagnosed with MS between the ages of twenty and fort, although, occasionally, it has attacked some very young and some older people. Interesting facts are that whites are twice as likely to have the disease as other races and women are twice as likely as men.

I have first hand evidence on how the disease can progress. My dear friend was in her late twenties when I first met her thirteen years ago. She had been diagnosed just a couple of years before. At that time she was coping with two young sons and experiencing a few symptoms: numbness in her joints and occasional difficulty with her limbs. I have watched her steadily decline, until now she is confined to a wheelchair. Much to her credit, she brings herself to school here at Forest Park Community College and deals quite well with two teenage sons.

Another victim of multiple sclerosis that I know is a man in his fifties that was diagnosed over thirty years ago. Although he walks with a cane, he works twenty hours a week as a checker at a grocery store. Clearly, all victims are not affected in the same way and to the same degree.

Perhaps, if the causes of the decease were known, it would be possible to find a cure or, at least, to design protective measures against it. The Mayo report states: “Doctors and researchers don’t understand why multiple sclerosis develops in some people and not in others. A combination of factors ranging from genetics to nutrition and infection may play a part.”

Because of my personal interest in this disease, I wanted to find what progress has been made toward finding a cure and pin-pointing the cause. I went to the NIH site and found that there has been some movement in the last decade, although primarily in the area of finding new tools to aid in finding cures rather than in finding the cures themselves. It says: “New tools, such as MRI have redefined the natural history of MS and are proving invaluable in monitoring disease activity.”

Scientists are now able to visualize and follow the development of MS lesions in the brain and spinal cord…Other tools have been found that make the painstaking work of teasing out the disease’s genetic secrets possible.

Treatments have been found that may make it possible to slow the development of the disease and to treat the symptoms. Let us hope the next decade will find a real cure. The least we can hope for is that science will discover the cause or causes of MS so that we learn what we must do to prevent this terrible affliction from attacking us.