Scalar Wave Healing Brings Relief in Various Ailments

People also suffer from gangrene in which their foot gets discolored, the skin starts peeling off and sometimes it gets infected. If not treated on time, it may lead to amputation of the foot or death in severe cases. This is a condition that requires immediate treatment.

Gangrene is basically caused when the circulation of blood reduces or stops. The reason behind this condition is blood cells clumping that results in the slow flow of blood in the extremities. The problem can be alleviated only when the flow of blood is increased, but this is easier said than done.

In such extreme cases, Scalar Wave healing has proven to be quite helpful. Almost a hundred years ago, Nicola Tesla, a famous inventor experimented with this healing style, but its practical application came into existence after a lot of research and development. The results of scalar energy are stunning. It occurs when similar waves are superimposed at 180 degree difference in phase. The energy as a result of this process is more like a field instead of a wave. This field has proven to have a lot of impact on the body.

The reason behind gangrene is a blockage in circulation and any therapy that helps in increasing circulation can bring about a remarkable change in the problem. Several studies have been conducted to show that the scalar energy healing method helped in unclumping of blood cells that were clumped together. This resulted in increased circulation, which will bring blood that is rich in oxygen to the affected areas thereby helping in healing.

Chakra healing is another therapy, which has proved to be quite beneficial in providing healing in case of various ailments. Leaving a significant imprint on anything that is exposed, scalar energy offers a static waveform which is unique in itself. It has been confirmed through several studies that objects like pendants and bracelets which comes embedded with waves of scalar energy offers impressive healing benefits.

For gangrene treatment, chakra healing also proves to be advantageous. A powerful treatment is required for treating this condition as it can soon go downhill if not treated immediately. Bio field therapeutics can help a great deal in treating this problem. The aura gets affected with scalar energy in a highly objective manner using various physical objects generating or carrying energy rather than using energy generated by a human practitioner. When this energy is used on the human body, the bio field that radiates from outside the body and the one that works internally permeating body tissues is improved radically with the scalar wave.

Several studies conducted in this field have proven to be quite advantageous and beneficial in the treatment of various ailments. It can also address serious ailments like gangrene. It has also helped in treating complicated ailments. Thus, use of alternative therapies like scalar energy healing is being used increasingly.

Multiple Sclerosis – Spine Pain – Relief Methods That Can Seriously Work

Does your spine hurt despite that fact that you have never had an accident, or any injury that you can recall?

Do you feel pain not only in your spine, but in many other parts of your body as well?

1.) Back Pain and Multiple Sclerosis

For those of you that do not know, back pain can come on as a result of having multiple sclerosis (if you already have MS you may want to skip to the next section). Multiple Sclerosis is a major disease that affects a very large number of people. This devastatingly debilitating disease can affect the nervous system in such a way that the process cannot be reversed. Nerves are covered by a protective sheath and with this disease the sheath is attacked by one’s immune system and destroyed. As a result, the brain has trouble sending signals to the rest of the body and communication is disrupted.

As the condition progresses, the nervous system meets with demise. Multiple sclerosis patients lose the ability to speak or walk. People with multiple sclerosis, without realizing that they have the disease, may worsen the situation by doing exercises involving their spines. It is always better to stop exercising totally and seek medical advice before continuing.

2.) Spine Pain

Spine pain is a common factor of suffering from MS and the pain may become unbearable in many patients. The pain is normally indescribable by victims. It is not localized in a particular part of the body and patients find it hard to explain. They describe it variously as burning, a pain that travels from one part to another part, or a discomfort that puts pressure on the spine. Moreover, it could be stabbing or shooting pain that can extend down to the lower extremities.

There is no standardized treatment for this disease but anti-inflammatory drugs are usually prescribed. Massage too seems to provide some relief. Cold compresses are resorted to by many patients and the pressure eases. Physical therapy, as prescribed by professionals, is also effective to some degree. A hot bath or time spent in a whirlpool can be of help too.

Over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen may have the ability to provide some relief, but it is short-lived. It is the central nervous system that is under attack here and these medicines mainly aim at alleviating pain in joints and muscles.

3.) Pain Relief

One very effective treatment for anyone with lower back pain is the use of a low profile, light weight back support. These braces are adjustable and this means that you can use more support when you are ready for it. They can help improve posture and reduce pain as well. If you have never considered using one of these supports, then now is the time. For medical advice on braces to help your spine, then you need to consult your local, licensed orthotist. These are individuals that can give you the proper support and medical advice on braces.